Playtime on the Double


Remember LBK (life before kids), when you occasionally went to see mature, captivating live theatre? When you were able to watch a musical performance without a preschooler squirming on your lap or a grade-schooler whisper-yelling that she needs to pee? Those days can be yours again, thanks to the Playtime Program at the Great Canadian Theatre Company.
We enjoyed a lovely Sunday matinee of a funny, moving and’€”best of all’€”adult show, in a beautiful theatre amongst other adults. Amazing! Meanwhile, our kids were kept entertained for the duration of the play by the energetic Mrs. Create of Kids Create, who comes bearing a unique craft, snack and all the patient encouragement required to keep everyone happy and engaged. Under the supervision of Mrs. Create, the children are encouraged to choose their own materials from a selection of recycled items, resulting in a creative product’€”perhaps a suncatcher, a desk organizer or a happy snowman’€”that’€™s personalized with their own inspirations and designs.

The Playtime Program at the GCTC is suitable for children ages 4 through 12, and usually runs during Sunday afternoon performances.

Good to Know: When ordering your ticket, mention that you’€™d like to take advantage of this wonderful creative arts program for your kids’€”tickets cost $31.25.

Enjoy the play. We applaud you for being such a strong supporter of the arts.

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Tested by Lynn J., Ottawa


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