Serious Spuds


‘€˜Would you like fries with that?’€™ The answer can always be yes’€”at least when you eat at Spud’€™s Potato Bar and Poutinerie.
For food that is fast and fun, Spud’€™s is a unique choice, offering made-to-order potato-based meals. The varied and imaginative menu means that both parents and kids will find themselves satisfied.

Picky eaters will be happy to order a baked potato with butter and sour cream or a plain old hot dog, while the more adventurous can enjoy one of the generous helpings of specialty poutine dishes, such as Piggy Gone Wild (think pulled pork, bacon and sausage on a classic poutine). Return of the Mac is a kid favourite that combines mac and cheese with poutine and begs to be recreated at home.

The casual atmosphere and quick service at Spud’€™s is ideal for family mealtime. It’€™s the kind of place where voices can be as loud as the bright orange chairs. With three locations in Ottawa (Orleans, Barrhaven and the newly opened Elmvale Acres), Spud’€™s is the perfect excuse to indulge in some poutine all in the name of regional cuisine.

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Tested by Brie M., Ottawa


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