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Indulge yourself with treats and beautiful housewares at Chez Francois. Find out more.

With the kids back in school and your routines firmly established, you can now breathe.

We don’t mean the yoga kind of breathing (although we do support that). We mean the large exhale that comes with being in a quiet peaceful environment filled with delicious coffee, sweets and treats—because indulgence trumps self-improvement sometimes.   

Go to Chez Francois—a new cafe and delicatessen that offers a little taste of the French countryside right here in the heart of Ottawa.

Start your visit by pulling up a chair in their bright, lovely cafe window and cozying up to a cup of one of their custom blended coffees or teas. It would be rude not to try one of their cookies or macarons—the milk chocolate and caramel cookies are our fave.

Once you’ve had a sweet treat, spend some quiet time browsing their heavenly-smelling custom line of bath items and other gifts that are perfect for you—or someone else you know who appreciates lovely soaps, wine glasses and tasteful housewares.

Don’t leave without picking up a classic French take-out dinner. There’s salmon pie or tortiere, imported cheeses, homemade soups and bold-palette luxuries like duck mousse or chestnut spread. Add a box of freshly baked croissants, and you’ll be feeling like one of those French women who don’t get fat and whose children eat everything they serve up.

If you find yourself with an uncompromising schedule instead, you can still bask in their offerings through their website where the offer of delivery is almost as seductive as the smell of fresh coffee. 

Bon Appetit!


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