Why We ♥ Ottawa


Ah, Ottawa’€”there’€™s so much to love about you.
There’€™s your beauty’€”gorgeous heritage buildings, surrounded by acres of parks and green space. There’€™s your brains’€”dozens of museums and important buildings where everyone is invited to learn. And then there’€™s your sense of humour’€”endless fun spots where families can laugh and play the day away.

Our Ottawa editor’€™s favourite place in town is one that combines all of these wonders rolled up into a sweet package’€”The Canadian Museum of Nature:

“Located in one of our loveliest buildings, the newly renovated museum is light and bright with a stunning double marble staircase that leads to spacious exhibit halls. Our first stop is always the Blue Water gallery, which features an amazing skeleton of a blue whale, a diving bell with hundreds of switches to flip and a ship’€™s interior, where little oceanographers can pilot, research and prepare meals for the ‘€˜crew.’€™

Afterwards, who knows where we’€™ll wander’€”will it be to the Fossil Gallery, to imagine we’€™re in prehistoric times, surrounded by life-size dinosaur statues? Or perhaps the Bird Gallery, where we can care for sick birds in the ‘€˜vet clinic’€™ or figure out our weight in chickens and sparrows? Maybe we’€™ll have time for the Vale Earth Gallery, where we can make our own volcano, or the Animalium, where we can see live creepy crawlies at work. In any case, we always wrap things up with an entertaining and educational 3-D movie.”

Good to Know: Entrance fees are $12 for adults and $8 for children ages 3 and up, but do yourself a favour and pick up an annual family pass for just $99.

There is so much more to love about our nation’€™s capital. Find out the other things Lynn hearts about this city in our 10 Reason to Love Ottawa.

Tested by Lynn J., Ottawa


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