A Hot New Brew


We’ve noticed an infiltration of tea shops in Ottawa lately. It’s clear that tea is the new hot brew, so we checked out our options and devised a list of our picks to sip in the capital city.
The Earl of Grey would indeed be shocked to learn what new flavours of tea there are to discover and enjoy at David’s Tea, a chain founded in Montreal, with locations in Westboro and the Glebe.

We’re fans of Elf Help (which is lovely to drink and look at), Forever Nuts (slices of almonds, chunks of apple and a dash of cinnamon and beetroot make it taste like some kind of liquid fruity apple cobbler) and Green Seduction (green tea with the power of pomegranate). Buy a freshly brewed cup to enjoy in-store, take it to go, or buy it loose to enjoy at home. The caffeine-free factor makes these teas great choices for kids, too.


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