Biowasting Away


Extending the lifespan of our landfill? Check.
Reducing the amount of greenhouse gases our landfills generate by removing organic waste? Check.

Turning waste into a usable product that enriches the earth instead of damaging it? Double check.

These are all savvy reasons to get with the (Green Bin) program. You might have had your Green Bin since the fall but collection is starting this month, so check your calendar for exact collection dates.

We’ve been testing the Green Bin since December 1 to get a better idea of how it works and how much compostable garbage we generate and it came as a surprise that the amount of garbage on our curb has been cut in half.

The difference between ordinary backyard composting and the Green Bin program is that the Green Bin goes above and beyond potato peels and yard waste. We can use the Green Bin for meat and dairy products, kitty litter (as long as it’s wrapped in newsprint or dumped in a cardboard box), microwave popcorn bags, and paper tainted by food (like pizza boxes or butcher paper). We have found it an exceptionally handy way to dispose of uneaten sandwiches, table scraps, paper towels sopping with spilled milk, piles of tissues from lingering colds, and food plumbed from the depths of our fridge and freezer. It’s easy being green!


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