Curb Your Clutter


It’s time to declutter, and a young mother’s fancy turns to stomping wildly through the house, yanking up 90 percent of all the toys and random articles underfoot, tossing them into big black garbage bags and selling the works to a consignment shop?
Yes, we all have these daydreams, but the solution is not to run amok through your children’s precious things. All you really need is patience and a few professional tips on de-cluttering, reorganizing and decorating.

Tanya Collins, an Ottawa designer and owner of Tanya Collins Interior Design, gets calls at this time of year from families eager to start the new season on the right note—by clearing some space, reducing the mess and reorganizing what’s left.

Mudrooms, family rooms, and rec rooms are all fair game this time of year. There’s nothing like a change of season to make you want to review how well organized and functional your home is. As Tanya puts it, “When there’s a place for everything, your home not only looks more appealing, but runs more smoothly and efficiently.”


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