Dance Craze


Dancing in the kitchen, secretly imagining that you are 18 and a finalist on Dancing with the Stars… snap out of it, Mom, the kids are hungry. The closest you are going to get to that dream is heading out to a Zumba dance class, where you can dance your heart out, burn a pile of calories and release some endorphins.
Alana Hock of Dance with Alana, dance instructor extraordinaire, ran a series of trial Zumba classes over the summer that were so popular Glebe Fitness has now picked up two classes a week.

Zumba classes are a mash-up of salsa, merengue, tango, swing, cha-cha and even Bollywood moves from Indian musicals. Throw it all together, and you get a high-energy and calorie-burning tour of the world. Best of all, the moves are easy to follow and fun—the hour-long class flies by.


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