Dashing through the Snow


You don’t ski, skate, snowboard, snowshoe or otherwise enjoy winter? Bummer. One might ask: What are you doing living in Ottawa?

Here in one of the world’s coldest capital cities, it isn’t easy getting through a winter with your spirits untrammeled if you can’t find a way to enjoy the weather. But we realize that athletic pursuits are not for everyone. So for all the non-sporty snow-Grinches out there, we bring you…sleigh rides.

All you need to enjoy a sleigh ride is warm winter clothes, a sense of humour and a big tall thermos of hot chocolate to share.

There are several farms around rural Ottawa that offer winter sleigh rides (sometimes also called wagon rides). The sleighs, or wagons, generally accommodate 15–20 adults, and outings are usually priced per wagon rather than per person, ranging from $100 to $200 for the whole group.

While sleigh rides are often associated with the holiday season (bells on bobtails and all that), they can make your spirits bright any time of the winter. Consider arranging for two or three families to get together—the kids will treat it as a giant exotic playdate and the adults will have some time to socialize. (Is that really just hot chocolate in your flask?) Most places offer rustic gathering rooms where you can set up a self-catered post-ride picnic. Or plan ahead to invite the whole crew back to your home for a casual meal


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