Flock to It


A store that makes your heart flutter as soon as you cross the threshold is a rare bird indeed. The Flock Boutique does exactly that.
Flock is the kind of place you come to shop with the intent of finding a unique gift for your BFF but wind up buying something for yourself. Not that this is a bad thing. Not at all.

One glance reveals that Flock—the sister store of Workshop Studio & Boutique on Dalhousie—is all about wearable art. We’re not talking about crazy headdresses made out of old lampshades. This is pretty-times-ten, with infinitely wearable hats, bags, scarves, clothing and jewellery. You’ll find the kinds of things that make us stand out in a sea of safe neutrals.

They’re major supporters of the Ottawa handmade scene. About half of the lines are made by Ottawa-area indie businesses, and 95% of their stock is Canadian. So you’ll find the kind of pretty things that do not come from a big box.


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