Gear to Go


If you’re like most of us whose homes are overwhelmed by the sprawling clutter of baby gear that infancy brings, you’ll be only too eager to sell or give it away as soon as you can.
And sure enough, the day after you’ve given away the works, your sister from across the country will phone to see if she and her three wee ones can visit you next week. It’s March Break, after all. And by the way, she doesn’t want to schlep her crib, playpen, stroller and other baby necessities along with her. Can she use yours? Oops, you don’t have them anymore!

In the old days, she might have had to change her routines and make do without her accustomed items, or haul them along with her. Not anymore. Now she can simply rent what she needs. Or, wonderful hostess that you are, you can rent it for her.

Precious Travellers is an Ottawa company that rents baby and toddler equipment by the day or week. They have a full list of big and small items, from cribs and bassinets to strollers, toddler beds, swings, activity centres, Bumbo chairs and toys for all ages. They pick up and deliver (if you like). All equipment is sanitized prior to every rental and meets current safety standards.

To truly spoil your sister—or any other visitor—consider taking advantage of Precious Travellers’ shopping services while you’re at it. They can shop for essentials like diapers, baby wipes, food and anything else you may need, and deliver them along with your rented gear. They’ll even meet you at the airport with it if necessary (for example, if you’re renting a car seat and will need it right away).


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