Get Your Wheels On

SavvyMom April 8, 2016

Spring has sprung, and all around you the neighbours’ kids are dusting off their bicycles. Meanwhile, your kids’ bikes are too small, too rusty, missing a chain or sporting a flat tire.
Stop feeling sorry for your kids and get them some new (to you) used bikes instead. All you need is five minutes and a phone to call these shops and check for what’s in stock.

The re-Cycles Bicycle Co-op downtown on Bronson Avenue is a not-for-profit shop that accepts donated bicycles, then repairs and sells or donates them. This place won’t repair your bike for you, but always has a ‘Head Mechanic’ on hand to help you do it yourself. Children’s bikes are safety checked before sale, and sometimes donated to family shelters. Staff are volunteers and hours are irregular, so check the website before you make the trip.

With two locations on Bank Street and one in Kanata, Kunstadt Sports is a family-run business that sells both used and new bicycles, including children’s. Let them add you to their client directory—you’ll get discount coupons in the mail that may lead to some very good deals on ski accessories next season.

Don’t forget to check out Tim’s Used Sports Equipment, also in Wellington Village. They have some good deals on used bikes as well.

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