Longer, brighter days. Clocks springing forward (don’t forget—starting this year, it’s the second Sunday in March). The mercury breaking zero, we hope! Throw in March Break and PD days and you know everybody in the city will be getting out and about with their kids.
Instead of joining them in the usual pricey, crowded activities, beat them with our ideas for inexpensive homegrown high/low fun off the kiddie circuit. We’ve said it before and it’s worth saying again—there’s nothing like playing tourist in your own city.

Out-of-town visitors know the best view in town is free and by summertime they’ll be lining up to see it. For now, though, the Peace Tower is our little secret. Ride the elevator (built on a nine degree slant) past the carillon bells to the observation deck. Our number one spot for a game of Capital “I Spy”.

Strollers have to stay on the ground floor and, take our advice and remove metal objects from your diaper bag in advance. Being searched at the security station while trying to control your excited offspring is not-so-savvy. (We learned the hard way.)


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