How You Slice It


Who doesn’t like pizza? Some say it’s the cheese, some say it’s the crust, but we think it’s all about the topping customization. You can be as plain or as adventurous as you want—it’s your choice (and that can make dinner out with the whole family a lot easier).
An informal Twitter poll suggests that many of us moms are pretty loyal to our pizza places (just what we thought) and here are the places they highlighted as being the best in the city.

When it comes to traditional takeout pizza, Ottawans are quick to cast their ballots for Lorenzo’s and Gabriel Pizza. (In fact, Gabriel’s Hawaiian Cookout with a side of homemade garlic sauce is what we order when we’re not making our own.)

For many others, deciding who’s really best often comes down to a faceoff between Colonnade and Newport. Even Mayor Jim Watson got in on the Twitter debate and proclaimed his loyalty to Newport.


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