Your Double


Imagine a world where someone else could book your kids’ camps, wait around for the furnace guy or give your grimy baseboards a deep-clean—a world where someone could be you, so you could be free to do the fun stuff.
That’s exactly what The Everything Girls have in mind.

The Everything Girls is a combination cleaning and personal-service outfit dedicated to making your life easier by handling the tasks you can’t find time for. You can hire them just for cleaning (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or for special events), or you can pay them to do regular or sporadic assorted chores.

When it comes to cleaning, The Everything Girls specialize in green cleaning, and will bring all their own supplies and products along, including the vacuum cleaner—so no more coming home to find the cleaners have gone through an entire roll of paper towel or used something toxic on your kitchen counters. Their cleaning team can be hired for special one-off occasions (moving, new baby arriving, spring cleaning or post renovation) or to organize and declutter: space clearing and Feng Shui are among their offerings.


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