Ottawa Family Photographers and Great Photo Shoot Locations

Ottawa Family Photographers & Photo Shoot Locations - SavvyMom

Looking for Ottawa family photographers? Family photos help ensure you have a keepsake snapshot for a moment in time, no matter how old your kids are. Whether you are an annual photo shoot person, or someone who tries to get photos done once and a while, we know how meaningful photos can be.

Living in Ottawa means we have so many amazing family photographers out there. They’ll capture your engagement and wedding, pregnancy photos, pictures with your newborn, your baby, toddler, preschooler, and teens. Generational family photos are popular too (and make wonderful holiday gifts)!

There are many talented Ottawa family photographers. If you aren’t sure where to begin, here are a few who can help with creating photos with babies, kids, families and more!

Ottawa Family Photographers

Sara McConnell Photography

Creations Behind the Lens (Sarah Rowland)

Jennifer Oraka Photography

Sherry-Lynn Trowsse Ottawa doula and birth photographer

Green Egg Studios (Jen Bernard Photography)

Family Photo Shoot Locations in Ottawa

If you are looking for a DIY option, Ottawa is home to many photography locations. Not all of the places where you’ll see professional photographers take photos are available to the public, sometimes they have their own studios, rent out space (some locations like the National Art Gallery or Canadian Museum of History actually require photo permits), or, even if they are publicly available, you may find they are high trafficked areas and crowded with others trying to get their own perfect shot! While you can visit some of the places that we recommend in our Fall photo list at any time of the year, here are a few other photo locales in the Ottawa area.

When in doubt, hire one of the Ottawa family photographers on our list! They’ll know the best locations.

Snap a photo along the banks of a beach

Ottawa’s Beaches will be popular destinations as the temperatures rise and we get closer to the summer, but in the Spring this may be the perfect spot to get photos near the water. With picturesque sunsets as a backdrop, or the sandy beach area set against the gentle water, there are different beach locations to choose from and they’ll be less busy right now.

Pose at the perfect spot in a park

We often think about the most popular locations for photos without turning to our own neighbourhood. The parks around your neighbourhood may have grassy areas, trees and favourite benches to plan out photos or capture them on a whim during your next visit. Think about those favourite spots as a perfect way to remember those family memories from places where you often visited with your kids! There are many other parks in Ottawa to consider too. Read our list here. 

Click with the Parliament Hill area

You can take iconic photos on the grounds of Parliament Hill (although you likely will have tourists and other residents in the background) but around the Parliament Hill area there are many locations to stop and get a photo with backdrops like the Rideau Canal. Majors Hill Park overlooks the Canal, Parliament Hill and more and has space to gather. This is also a wonderful time to go as the tulips are in bloom. This NCC Park land has gorgeous gardens, lots of space, and is located near plenty of places to enjoy when your photos are done.

Capture the moment at the Arboretum, Ornamental Gardens and Tropical Greenhouse

Ottawa gardens in the Spring are wonderful places to take photos as trees blossom, tulips come alive and the grass turns greener. A place like the Arboretum means you can snap photos in front of the tropical greenhouses, near the trees, or one of the flower gardens. These are popular places for families to visit, with or without photo plans, but you’ll likely be able to find a private enough location if you take a stroll around the area.

One final note: Please remember safety when planning your family photo session locations too!


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