Perfect Play


Creativity. Imagination. Open-ended play. No matter what you call it, it’s having a moment, and we couldn’t be more thrilled! So take a break from plastics, characters and big brands—plus those long lists of instructions—and embrace the whimsical instead. Playtime suddenly got fun again!

Whimsical, Printable You… 
Oh, Mr. Printables, we love your imaginative activities and blog, and now we can buy this adorbs paper city from your shop! The city is pre-cut with pre-fold lines, ready for the head architect to make the city of their dreams. (Get Creative!)

Not Far off… 
These gorgeous, hand-made masks span the spectrum of just about every animal conceivable, including endangered (there’s a narwhal mask!) and mythical beasts. Can’t decide on just one? Join the mask-of-the-month club to keep that dress-up box very well stocked. Plus (eek!) some masks have a matching tail available separately. (Get Creative!)

Make playtime open-ended again with these unique picks to stock a ‘think-outside-the-box’ box. Playtime starts now with our 10 Toys for Creative Play.



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