Please Don’t Stop the Music


Somewhere in the world, your former piano teacher is laughing—at you. Way back when, she suffered along as you struggled with scales and butchered Bah Bah Black Sheep. Now that you’re trapped in your car for hours, listening to painfully tedious kids’ tunes, it’s payback time. And payback sounds a lot like a Barney song.
It doesn’t have to be that way when you can pump up the volume with some great music for the entire family. Here are 8 great kids’ CDs that will have the whole family groovin’ to the beat. Even though they’re for young kids, parents love these tunes too, which means no one is going out of their mind on long excursions.
Elizabeth Mitchell
Parents and critics alike rave about Elizabeth Mitchell. Her folksy, whimsical and totally hip style is a welcome change to wheels that go ‘round and farmers named MacDonald. Enjoy her excellent recent release, Sunny Day, or pick up our favourite, You Are My Little Bird. (Where to buy)


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