Po Po Head


Ponchos have had their fashion ups and downs the last few years, to be sure. (Remember the one Martha’s friend in jail knit for her to wear on her release day?)

But we don’t think they’ve ever been out of style for the five and under set for one very important reason—they remove a few wriggling limbs from the getting-dressed equation and that equals time saved and less get-dressed-stress for mom and dad.

Named after different ice cream flavours (we love the Pumpkin Pie and the Pistachio White Chocolate), and created by savvy mom entrepreneur Karen Stark of Vancouver, the cozy ponchos are made from fleece and accented with adorable cotton prints which are used for the lining, trim and front pocket (perfect for keeping treasures in). Karen’s goal is to have ‘101 flavours’ of ponchos and we can’t wait to try them all.


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