Restaurant Receipt Offers a Discount for Well-Behaved Kids


Hot on the heels of our discussion about the lack of high chairs in a restaurant cooking up a food fight comes another dining out drama I thought you might be interest in.
An American restaurant recently offered a family a discount on their receipt for having well-behaved kids. The photo was posted by a Reddit user who received four dollars off of the pre-tax bill because her children were presumably well mannered and quiet. Generating over 1580 comments, the photo has earned some cheers’€”and jeers’€”from the Internet for its unconventional reward system.

The Huffington Post asked a few great questions on the topic, like how much colouring was done before the meal? Were there iPhones at the table? Did they get all-you-can-eat buttered pasta from the first moment of the meal? Was there any food on the floor at the end at all? In essence, which behaviours are deemed discount worthy?

One commenter on the original post wondered what happens to the families who don’€™t get the discount? Do they dispute it? Do they care? And is there a surcharge for loud kids or those who don’€™t finish their dinner? Or, ultimately, is this just an act of kindness extended to random families who’€™ve earned?

I’€™m curious, though, what do you think about this? Would you be more willing to eat somewhere that offered a deal based on table etiquette? Or is this just plain silly and it would never influence your decisions to dine at such an establishment?


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