Roasted Tomato Pizza Sauce


Hey, guess what? I hate tomatoes.
I know, I know. How can I possibly be a food writer and despise the vibrant and heirloom orbs that are currently lining the stalls of every market and store I visit? In short, I don’€™t know. But I like to blame it on the fact that until I went to university, I never saw anyone eat tomatoes other than the way I did growing up: thinly sliced, plated and covered in thin blanket of sugar. True story.

I’€™ve tried to embrace them now, and the only way I can is if they’€™re cooked in such a way that they no longer actually taste like tomatoes, or if they’€™re turned into a pizza sauce, which inevitably means they get covered with cheese and a slew of other toppings (hopefully!).

So I bought a basket of romas last week and turned them into pizza sauce.

The quantities listed below in the recipe make a small batch of sauce’€”I’€™m thinking it will cover 3’€“6 pizzas.

Find the full printable recipe here: Roasted Tomato Pizza Sauce


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