10 Quick and Easy School Lunch Recipes

Lunch Packing

Your mom mission for the next ten months: pack a trade-proof nutritious school lunch every day. Sounds daunting, but luckily we have quick and easy recipes to help make the chore a simple one to complete.

From savoury Tex-Mex muffins to chia-crusted chicken strips (that can be made in advance and frozen!), we’ve tossed aside boring bologna sammies in favour of healthier dishes that will keep the kids feeling full throughout the day.

Tex-Mex Muffins 
These savoury muffins are packed with simple spices, corn, cheddar cheese and leftover chicken (pro tip: cook extra when making dinner), and taste like a baked taco bite.
Oatmeal Power Balls
This no-bake, grab-and-go snack is filled with fibre and protein and packs up perfectly—just place them in the lunch box straight from the freezer and they will thaw in time for lunch.
Tortellini Salad Skewers
Kids love skewers and these mini salads on a stick are no exception. Feel free to add chunks of chicken or pepperoni, and serve with marinara or pesto for dipping.

By planning ahead, keeping some key ingredients on hand, and prepping plenty in advance, this timely and tedious task will make lunch making totally possible…and maybe even a little fun.

Keep clicking to see the rest of our Quick and Easy Recipes for the School Lunch Box. School has never been so easy.


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