Shot Glass Apps & Desserts: 10 Easy Ideas for Your Next Party


Last Sunday, I hosted a bridal shower for my oldest girlfriend who’s getting married in early October. It was a mid-afternoon féte and the menu consisted of both savoury and sweet snacks, all of which disappeared from the table quickly.

Two of the most popular menu items were served in shot glasses: on the savoury table I had individual servings of fresh crudité with basil and feta dip, and on the sweet side was a simple cheesecake mousse shot that was ridiculously easy to make, yet looked rather impressive.

I love serving single portions in shot glasses for a few reasons: it makes the most simple food look elegant and interesting, people are always pleased to see small-sized portions of their favourite party foods, and you get to avoid the double-dippers by giving everyone their own individual containers.

Depending on what else you’re serving with your shot glass snacks, I suggest estimating two portions per person. If you happen to be feeding a large crowd, this could equate to a lot of shot glasses. I purchase mine from the dollar store. They come in packages of three or four for a dollar, a price you really can’t beat. If you prefer not to keep a large collection of these 2oz glasses on hand, you can also rent them for a small fee from your local party supply store.

Here are my 10 favourite shot glass snacks:

  1. Serve soup in shot glasses for a hot appetizer before a fall or winter dinner. Garnish with a crisp crouton or quarter of a grilled cheese sandwich.
  2. Serve veggies and dip. Fill a piping bag with dip and fill the shot glasses half full; place thin veggies sticks and spears in the centre of the glass and serve.
  3. Fill shot glass half full with cocktail sauce and lay a skewered shrimp over the top of the glass to create an individual serving of shrimp cocktail.
  4. Fill glass 1/3 full with blue cheese dip and insert a chicken wing lengthwise into the glass.
  5. Skewer thin pieces of marinated, grilled chicken and place into the centre of a shot glass. Add a squirt of peanut sauce into the bottom of the glass and garnish with fresh cilantro.
  6. Place a small dollop of sweet soy sauce in the bottom of shot glass and insert a spring roll into the centre of the dip.
  7. Warm caramel sauce over low heat and pour into shot glasses filling each one halfway. Add 2-3 slices of apple to the glass and pass around for a simple dessert.
  8. If you’re serving sliders at a party, add a single serving of fries to the side by placing some spicy ketchup in the bottom of a shot glass and filling it with as many fries as possible.
  9. Fill shot glasses with milk and top with a mini chocolate chip cookie. This is a fun treat for both kids and adults.
  10. Layer the components required for a 7-layer Mexican dip into the shot glass and top with 2-3 nacho chips.


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