Soccer Classes For Children 7 Years Old and Under

Little Kickers

Providing kids with opportunities to be active and play a new sport or engage in an activity that they love is something parents are always looking for. But navigating through all of the clubs and extracurricular options for our little ones is at best overwhelming and at worst completely stressful. Not to mention if our children are toddlers and preschoolers, we may not even really know what their favourite activities are.

Little Kickers is a year-round soccer program in Ottawa designed just for the youngest of our kids. Children aged 18 months up to seven-years-old can register in one of the age-appropriate classes across the city.

What is Little Kickers?

The franchise began in the UK in 2002 and has now opened up classes in the Ottawa area. We love that these classes are offered year-round so you don’t have to worry about limitations the seasons and weather put on your child’s soccer season!

There are four different classes your child can enroll in depending on their age:

Little Kicks: For toddlers, 18 months to two and a half years old. These are weekly 45-minute classes with parental involvement. It’s the perfect way to introduce your toddler to soccer. In this class, they’ll learn to learn! That is, they’ll learn how to participate together, listening and coordination. Uniforms are included, and there are even badges that the children earn throughout the 12-week program.

Junior Kickers: For kids age two and a half to three and a half, this builds on their foundation. They are learning the game through play independently from parents at this age in the weekly class of 45 minutes. Badges and uniforms are offered in this program as well as they discover more about the game, skills and teamwork.

As the levels continue, badges and uniforms remain consistent and class length is still 45 minutes long. And while kids are playing independently (that means you don’t have to play with them, mom and dad!) parents are still required to stay for supervision.

Mighty Kickers: For kids aged three and a half to five years old, soccer skills continue to develop, as does learning coordination and participation. There’s still a focus on teamwork of course, and warm-up/warm-down exercises to encourage more physical fitness.

Mega Kickers: This class is the last Little Kickers class offered for children aged 5 to their 7th birthday. These classes culminate the soccer skills they’ve been learning, abilities and passion for the sport into mini-games that the kids can play and challenge themselves with. The matches are fun, yet challenging, allowing them to transfer their new soccer skills into other games in the future as they move out of the Little Kickers program.

Where does Little Kickers take place?

Parents will love the variety of locations Little Kickers offers all across the city including Barrhaven, Kanata, Orleans, Gloucester, Greely, the Glebe, Westboro and more! The classes are currently offered on Saturdays and Sundays. Pricing is based per month plus there is an additional one-time registration fee for uniforms.

On the Little Kickers website, you can find the class and location that best suits your child’s age and your area and your little one can be on their way to learn more about soccer and a love for the game.



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