Squeeze Out a Smile


Every once in a while a product comes out that makes you stop and think, “Why didn’t they think of this before?”
Take jam. It’s an everyday staple that kids and grown-ups alike love. So there’s not much more to improve on, really. Well, luckily the people at Smucker’s® don’t think that way or they would not have invented Smucker’s® Squeeze Fruit Spreads—changing the way people will enjoy jam from now on. Move over sticky jam jars with toast debris and peanut butter smears stuck to the top. Smucker’s® Squeeze Fruit Spreads is in town.

You can enjoy the same great Smucker’s® taste, when you want, where you want with this easier and less messy to spread family-friendly bottle. Moms will particularly appreciate the wide flip-top cap for easy application. It even stores cap-down so it is always ready to use when you are. Less mess, less fuss.

This is the first inverted fruit spread in Canada and it’s available in two great flavours—strawberry and seedless raspberry.

Warning: These bottles of jam can be dangerously fun. We found evidence of this on the World Wide Web just recently—drawings made entirely of NEW delicious Smucker’s® Squeeze Fruit Spreads. You can view these jam-tastic masterpieces here, but be sure to keep your Smucker’s® Squeeze Fruit Spreads on the top shelf in case your children decide to try it at home.

Toast and jam anyone? No spoon required.


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