Dinner on the Doorstep


It’s September, and you want to hit the ground running. You open up your fridge, ready and eager to prep a nutritious dinner for your hungry brood, and find—condiments. Freezer: also empty. Pantry: cereal bars, and not much else.
You have your strengths, but cooking may not be one of them. If, like many frazzled parents, your gourmet aspirations outpace your cooking ability by a long mile, why not let someone else do it for you now and then?

That’s where The Red Apron comes in. Located centrally on Gladstone Avenue, The Red Apron offers dinner solutions in several varieties:

  1. If you’re not the type to commit, you can drop into their store and pick up a frozen prepared meal (or several) as needed.
  2. Or join the Mid-Week Dinner Club, and have dinners delivered to your home or office every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thurday.
  3. Finally, you can go with the Single Servings option: nine frozen single serving portions—three from Tuesday’s menu, three from Wednesday’s and three from Thursday’s.

Prices depend on portion sizes. Three days of medium Mid-Week Dinner Club meals, which would feed two adults and two children, cost $144. Three days of large meals would feed four adults—so possibly a family of five or six—for $180. If single servings are more your style, you can get nine adult-size portions for $105 per week.


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