Sun Safety: Our 22 Picks—What’s Your Fave?

SavvyMom April 8, 2016

I’m bright and warm. You love me, you crave me and yet you’re terrified of me at the same time. Who am I?
The answer to this seasonal brainteaser is…the sun.

But there’s no point in locking yourself inside all summer. Instead, we’ve found products that allow you to live with the sun and protect your family from its harmful rays. That way you can get back to loving the sun without stressing about it.

So to help with this sunny mission, our Savvy Scouts searched far and wide to find great products to help you stay safe in the sun so you can maximize your sun fun time. We’ve got 26 great items from the best baby shades to protect their eyes, to the right bathing suits for all ages, shapes and sizes, to the right kind of hat and even some cool cooler bags to keep all kinds of milk or other important fluids cold on a hot day.

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