The Leonardo DaVinci Exhibit in Ottawa is a Must-See

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The Canada Science and Technology Museum is a great family destination and, since the recent renovations, there are even more hands-on features for Ottawa families to enjoy.

In addition to all your favourite museum elements, you can also discover the new educational and fascinating exhibit: Leonardo DaVinci: 500 years of Genius (on until September 2).

While your kids may recognize DaVinci because of his art (as the painter of The Last Supper and the Mona Lisa), everyone will be excited to learn about his impact as a sculptor, as an inventor, a strategist, and how he influenced the world during the Renaissance, throughout history, and today.

The Leonardi DaVinci Exhibit

When you first enter the special exhibit room, someone will be at the welcome desk to take your tickets (admission is separate from your regular museum admission) and give you the information you need to know before you begin to see DaVinci’s artwork and the notebooks that helped record his ideas and plans.

Next, you can meander through the exhibit, broken into different elements of his designs and inventions like music, art, weapons and more. There’s an immersive area with large screens and music and, at the end, a very detailed feature on the Mona Lisa and what modern technology has taught us about how she was created.

This fascinating examination of the Mona Lisa includes all of the myths, surprises and techniques long discovered over the years after DaVinci originally painted her. While the original remains in the Louvre in Paris, the detailed replica and expanded references will create a lot of family conversations.

While parts of the exhibit have a no-touch rule, there are mini replicas of some of his inventions like pulleys and levers that the kids will be able to touch. What’s most interesting for families will be how the exhibit integrates a lot of education (yes the kids are going to learn something over the summer) while kids and parents will be completely surprised by the information shared.

The Rest of the Museum

Included in the DaVinci special exhibit pricing is admission to the rest of the Museum of Science and Technology, so you’ll definitely want to make time to see even more of it.

The Crazy Kitchen remains one of the most popular places for the kids to gather and the trains are always amazing to see (visitors of all ages will be wowed by the size of the trains!). You’ll also want the kiddos to explore the Zooom Innovation Zone, specially designed for children 8-years-old and younger (although older kids always seem to find fun too!) The Zooom Innovation Zone has a mini climbing wall, interactive displays, special lights, and other hands-on activities to keep them interested and busy.

For more information about the Leonardo DaVinci: 500 years of Genius exhibit or other exhibitions at the Canada Science and Technology Museum, visit their website.

Know before you go:

The Museum has a per person admission price and memberships are available. Special exhibits (like the DaVinci exhibit) have a special fee, but members receive a heavily discounted admission. The last entry of the day for the Leonard DaVinci exhibit is 3:45 pm.

Tickets can be purchased at the admissions desk.

The museum is open daily from 9 am until 5 pm.

Leonardo DaVinci: 500 years of Genius is only available until September 2! 


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