The List: 13 Ways to Get Invited Back


CorkcicleA wine bucket isn’t out of place poolside at the St. Regis, but on the dock? That’s a little over the top. Keep their vino cool without carrying down all sorts of accessories. Freeze it, pop it in the bottle and the liquid stays ice-cold pour after pour. ($24.95, more)

Fun Cone
Fun Cone
Here’s how to ingratiate yourself even with an unannounced visit. For families with young kids, wrap up some of these handy ice cream/popsicle holders that will keep drips, drops (and, as a result, tears) at bay. Add a litre of your favourite ice cream, and a dinner invite on the dock is virtually guaranteed. ($4 each, more)

Pongo Ping Pong GamePongo Ping Pong Game
With the exception of siblings, most rivalries are made, not born. Gift some competitive in-cottage one-upmanship, particularly useful on rainy days, with an indoor ping pong set that will fit most tabletops. ($40, more)

Whether you’re on your way to the cottage, cabin or campsite, don’t forget to pack one of these 13 Ways to Get Invited Back.

Tested by Alison R., Toronto


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