The List: How to Get Your Kids to Sleep Through the Night


Sleeping and feeding: they’€™re the two biggest obsessions for a new mom and they never really go away. Especially the sleep part. To help get your newborns/babies/toddlers sleeping soundly, here are a few picks for How to Get Your Kids to Sleep Through the Night.

No wonder as parents we constantly obsess about sleep. We finally earn our way to seeing the kids sleep through the night (if we’€™re lucky) only to face the dreaded way-too-early-in-the-morning wake-up stage. Toddlers can’€™t tell time, but they know the difference between the sun and the moon, which, thanks to this clock, lets them know when it is time to get up. ($49.99, Tell me more)

Natural Calm Canada’s Magnesium Citrate ‘€“ Sweet Lemon Flavour
Drink Calm and carry on. This one’€™s for you, not your babe. While water is the best beverage for our bodies, at the end of a long day the all-natural magnesium-rich ingredients in Calm seem to keep us’€”well, calm. ($25’€“$42, Tell me more)

The Happiest Baby on the Block
White noise machines are known to work but if you prefer something that can travel with you in the car and beyond, try one with soft sound melodies. While we’€™re skeptical of the manufacturer’€™s claim that it’€™ll entice kids to sleep one to three hours longer, we’€™ll agree that gentle sounds can often soothe a fussy baby. ($9.99, Tell me more)

For more ways to get them to sleep, without having to count sheep, check out How to Get Your Kids to Sleep Through the Night.


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