The Secret is in the KIDS

Jan Scott April 14, 2016

I truly believe that any successful party starts with a solid plan, and I recently came across a brilliant blueprint for successful party prepping that I wanted to pass along.
Developed by Rebecca Miller Ffrench, a former editor and writer for the now defunct Cookie magazine, KIDS is an easy-to-use formula designed to help you throw the best birthday bash ever, while keeping you well organized and on task. She uses the word KIDS because, well, that’€™s the most important consideration when it comes to planning any birthday soiree.

What kind of kid do you have? What type of party would they like? Have a chat with your child and make a list of ideas about food preferences, potential guests and any special requests your little one may have. Then work your way through the letters below, and keep track of what your child, not you, would like for their celebration.

K = Kind: What kind of party would your child like? An indoor or outdoor party? A sleepover? A specific theme built around a favourite hobby or cartoon character? Use this information to determine the length of the party and the activities that you’€™ll organize for the event. Create a schedule, write down a plan and set a start and end time for the party.

I = Invitations: Now that you’€™ve determined the important information, make or buy invitations with your child. Include the date, timing, special directions and RSVP date. Let parents know if there will be a meal served and if the invitees need to bring anything specific (like a swimsuit or skates).

D = Decorations: Even if you don’€™t have a specific theme in mind you should still unify certain elements of a party, even if only by colour. For example, wrap gifts in blue tissue paper tied with blue ribbon, buy blue plates, blue candy, blue balloons, etc.

S = Snacks: Arguably one of the most important aspects of any party’€”make a plan to serve good, fun food. If your party falls close to, or around lunch or dinner, a light meal is in order. If you want to avoid feeding the crowd a large amount of food, consider hosting your party between 2 and 4pm, when there will be no meal expectations. Regardless of when you host the party, be sure to have a cake or cake replacement and lots of colourful candles.

Do you have any party planning tips when it comes to kids’€™ birthday parties? Please feel free to share!

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