Books They’ll Want to Read


Embracing the lazy days of summer doesn’t mean we let our kids’ brains turn to mush in front of screens. This list of 11 Great Summer Reads for Kids was carefully curated by our resident literary blogger, Christine Stock of and includes her fave new releases for kids 0–12 years old.

The Day I Lost My Superpowers
Conquering supernatural feats is super easy for a rambunctious little kid with a creative mind. But when reality comes crashing in, it’s mom who displays the true magic. (Let’s Read!)

The Rules of Summer 
Summer is all about following rules—a big brother’s arbitrary rules anyway. Don’t step on snails, forget about asking for a reason, and whatever you do, never, ever wait for an apology. (Let’s Read!)

We’ve got more reads they won’t put down. Keep turning through our 11 Great Summer Reads for Kids.



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