The Four Letter Word


Some men do and some men don’t.
But even those that don’t might say they do around Father’s Day.

GOLF, that is.

So, pull out your own four-letter word – SHOP – and make sure he feels as special as he is on Father’s Day, whatever his game.

Dad’s who have been in the trenches will relate to Daddy Needs a Drink – filled with hilarious tales of fatherhood which are a mix of stinky and sane. An insightful read for all Dad’s, it goes nicely with a drink in hand (although not a requirement).

imageGet something for the whole family to treasure and Dad to display in his office. Have Imprints immortalize your kid’s hands and/or feet in clay. They are beautiful, seriously. Even Dads will be moved. Book the appointment today and make it a family outing for Father’s Day weekend. The finished piece comes a few weeks later, and it’s worth the wait.

imageFor the Dad who loves cars (or loves washing them) – give him his very own Zymol Car Kit for a shine like the real pros. This is serious stuff made from pure coconut essence oil conditioners, lemon extracts and rare Brazilian Carnauba. If it’s good enough for Team Porsche, we thought it was good enough for him. What a nice way for him to bond with his other ‘baby’.

imageDad’s like to be prepared – especially the boyscout types. Sound familiar? Get Dad the NOMA Back-up Power System which will provide a source of back-up power for the most critical appliances in the house in case the power goes out. Think of all those golf scores stored on your computer he doesn’t want to lose!

Bottom line, Dad’s want the day off just like us – so whether it’s a ball game or golf, let them have it.

(After all, you couldn’t reach the top shelf without them.)


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