The Savvy Five: Board Games


There is no better time than the holidays to slow down for a little while and get in some good play time with your kids. So put a log in the fireplace, warm up some cocoa and open up a great board game. With our SavvyFive board games, not only will your family have fun, but you might even sneak in a little bit of learning, too (and you may even want to wrap a few of these up and slip them under the tree).
Gobblet Gobblers
Who Will Love It: The box says ages five and up, but even our toddler fell in love with the colourful wooden pieces and played with it for hours!
Why It Made the List: As easy to understand as tic-tac-toe, but with a strategic twist (big pieces can gobble up smaller ones), your younger kids will have fun trying to outwit the grown ups. ($24.95)
Good to Know: These fun games are all wooden (which we love) and the company plants two trees for every one they use in producing their toys. We love all of Blue Orange’s games (check out Chickyboom and Pengoloo too). Please be aware that some pieces are small, so keep an eye on the little ones.

Apples to Apples JuniorApples to Apples Junior
Who Will Love It: Kids who like to giggle and be silly and grown ups who like to make learning a ton of fun. This game is best for kids who can read.
Why It Made the List: Players have to make the most entertaining comparisons between words and everyone gets a turn at judging whose description is best. You are guaranteed to laugh at some of your children’s choices and they are guaranteed to learn lots of new words. ($28.95)
Good to Know: Apples to Apples even sells a pack of customizable cards that you can run through your laser or inkjet printer to make a game that is all about your family’s favourite people, places and things. It also makes studying for that big spelling quiz more fun. ($9.75)


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