Things to Do in Ottawa This Winter with Kids January 20, 2022
Things to do in Ottawa this Winter for Kids - SavvyMom

You may be tempted to hibernate under a duvet in front of the TV for the rest of this winter, but chances are your kids’ energy levels won’t allow it. So we’ve compiled this list of fun things to do in Ottawa this winter with kids, so there’s no excuse not to get out there and make the best of the rest of the season.

Better yet, relish in it! Ottawa has some great places to skate, sled, ski, and play in the snow. Once everyone is all bundled up properly, spending time outdoors in winter can be a lot of fun. Bonus: afterwards, you’ve never deserved the hot cocoa more!

Here’s our master list of cold-weather activities to keep the kiddos busy this winter in Ottawa.

5 Things to Do in Ottawa this Winter with Kids

Go Tobogganing

As the snow falls in the Ottawa area, the kids may be excited to grab their sleds, throw on their snow pants, and head to a hill. Maybe you have a small hill near your house to enjoy, or maybe you’re looking for a new adventure to try. It’s the season for sledding and there are a few great Ottawa toboggan hills and spots in the surrounding areas that you can check out. Here are our picks for great toboggan hills in Ottawa.

Go Skating

Ottawa weather can be unpredictable, but if the temperatures drop and cold weather days are consistent, skating in Ottawa is a great way for parents to spend time together with their kids during our chilly winters. Even if the weather doesn’t get cold enough for natural ice, refrigerated outdoor rinks across the City are open! Check out our picks for the best places to go skating in Ottawa.

Go Hiking

A wonderful way to spend time together as a family is to explore the great outdoors and go on a hike. There are many trails and paths in the Ottawa area that are as short as you need them to be, or longer for more experienced hikers. When we think about hiking, we may imagine a long, gear-filled adventure, but that doesn’t have to be the case! You can choose the path that best suits you and your family. Here’s where to go hiking in winter with your family.

Go Skiing (or Snowboarding)

While the weather outside may be frightful, we’re signing our kids up for lessons at these fantastic ski resorts and Nordic facilities close to Ottawa. Check out the local hills for an afternoon of snowboarding or skiing.

Go Away

If you are a skier, planning a weekend getaway or day trip where you can pull out your ski gear and hit the hills may be the reason winter is your favourite season. Ottawa has no shortage of easy family minibreaks, but even if you are less inclined to enjoy a fresh snowfall or cold Ottawa temperatures, a local-ish family winter getaway may still be what you need. Here are some great winter getaways near Ottawa.

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