This Is Not a Drill: A Harry Potter-Themed Restaurant is Opening Up in Ontario

Harry Potter

I don’t think that I’m the only parent that is waiting not-so-patiently until my kids are old enough to fall in love with Harry Potter and his world of magic. I found Harry when I was 10, and devoured J.K Rowling’s fantastical world, then eagerly waited for the release of each movie.

My love for Harry Potter is shared with many other Canadians, but especially within the great city that I live, Guelph. Us Guelphites are known for having a special love for Harry Potter, which is why it doesn’t surprise me that we’re about to get our very own Harry Potter-themed breakfast joint.


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Lumos and Nox: Breakfast Bar and Chamber of Spirits will be opening the third week of March, in Downtown Guelph. An official opening date has yet to be set, but according to their latest Facebook post they’re hoping to open March 18 or March 19. There is also a possible opportunity for a soft launch over March Break, but the owners haven’t released any news or information on how to get into the exclusive club for that week.

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Lumos means light in Latin, and Nox means Dark, which I’m guessing is a hint at the fact that they’ll be serving tasty breakfast goodness in the mornings as well as delicious spirits at night. Lumos and Nox is owned by the same people who run two popular Guelph-based businesses, The Round Table, a cafe and game lounge; and The Mana Bar Video Game Lounge, a retro toy and game store during the day, and a vintage e-sports bar at night.

Lumos and Nox promises to be a hot destination for all fans of Harry Potter or soon-to-be fans. Although they haven’t released their full menu online, there’s been some hints about what to expect. In a post dated March 1 they requested that fans leave crazy waffle ideas in the comments below, and fans were happy to oblige. There’s sure to be some tasty Potter-themed spirits too for adult-aged fans.


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Very little has been shared about the space, which is located at 105 Wyndham Street North, Downtown Guelph. However some small decor hints have included that a special order for stone gargoyles is soon to arrive, and one photo shows stunning glow-on-the-wall spirits.

For anyone looking for other fun Guelph events related to HP, The University of Guelph hosts their annual Let’s Talk Science School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, which draws thousands of Potter-heads. There’s also a Guelph Quidditch community, and even a children’s Quidditch team coming soon. But something tells me nothing will compare to Guelph’s very own Potter-themed cafe and bar.

Make sure to follow Lumos and Nox on Facebook, where 2,500 fans are already excitedly awaiting more news about opening day.


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