This Ottawa Restaurant Serves Kid-Friendly Food (and More) All Day Long


When deciding where to eat in Ottawa as a family, parents usually have to consider the menu options for the kids, in addition to waiting time, location, and many other factors. That can tend to mean that you end up at the same restaurants over and over again.

But what if we told you there’s a place in Ottawa where the entire family will not only love the menu but the atmosphere as well?

Flapjack’s Canadian Diner is on Preston Street and offers delicious food, drinks for the kids (and adults) and a casual vibe that families will appreciate.

For those already familiar with Flapjack’s, you’ll know they began as a food truck destination with a unique ‘woodland’ vibe set off of Bank street a few years ago. Their claim to fame was pancakes—from the classic, simple bites, to more advanced creations and toppings.

At the Preston Street location, they continue to offer their famous pancakes and panwiches (sandwiches using pancakes as the bread) but have expanded their menu to include hamburgers and other diner delights.

In addition to the meals you can get, the drink menu can’t be ignored. Their fountain drinks, coffee, and tea are included when food is purchased, but in addition, they have a selection of mouthwatering milkshakes that will have the kids’ eyes opening wide with excitement.

With flavours like Froot Loops, Oreo and Birthday Cake (just to name a few from the extensive milkshake list), it’s no wonder families are happy to order these sweet treats. In addition, parents, you may be happy to know the bar menu also includes very well priced beverages like mini sangrias and local beers for you too.

What else is on the menu that will have you rushing to make plans to go? The Waffle Bacon Crunch sandwich looks divine and the mac and cheese is making us hungry just thinking about it. There’s also a kids’ menu which means each of your kiddos can select just what they want (eggs and toast, pancakes, waffles and more will keep them happy!)

When you arrive at Flapjacks, the casual dining experience will invite you in. You grab your table, browse the menu and then go order at the counter and pay. When you have finished up (or when the kids are showing signs that they are done with sitting down) you can go. No waiting for the bill or extra service (and isn’t that always when the kids seem to act up?)

There’s a patio at Flapjacks too so if you want to enjoy the outdoors, grab a spot outside.

In addition to their eat-in menu, you can also order take out. There’s also a food truck for special events and Flapjack’s also caters—which means your next big family gettogether doesn’t have to have you sidelined while you cook.

Speaking of birthday parties, one final thing that you’ll want to note about Flapjack’s is that if you go in on your birthday (or your child’s birthday), the birthday person will enjoy a complimentary birthday cake milkshake. Perfect way to celebrate.

Flapjack’s is great at flipping pancakes, but their menu offers even more, making it a highly recommended outing for your family.


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