Tips on Building the Perfect Quality Wardrobe


We’re going to take a wild guess that a lot of the clothes that fill your closet don’t fit right, don’t feel great on your body or are rarely worn. (We see you raising your hands). We get it, shopping for most women is incredibly frustrating, time-consuming and can raise a lot of emotions to the surface. The result? Making quick or emotional decisions about the pieces that are “fine”, “will do”, or are “ok” to only be no further ahead when it comes to feeling pulled together or even remotely stylish. Sigh.

The best way to deal with this and the constant feeling of having nothing to wear is to build a capsule wardrobe. Why? Because you save on both time and money long term, you won’t have to stand in the middle of your closet every morning feeling frustrated, and you can once and for all feel better than “ok” or “fine” in your clothes while you start making strides towards filling a closet of clothes that you love to live in.

From a traditional sense, a true capsule wardrobe consists of 37 – 50 pieces. The concept is that you fill your closet with a mix of classic pieces that can be worn year-round interchangeably letting seasonal trends and “must-haves” fill any gaps and play the lead role when it comes to accessories. But let’s start back at the beginning and take the first step towards creating a wardrobe full of quality pieces and build from there.

Here are some things to think about when building a wardrobe

Fit & Function

When you invest in quality pieces they will fit and feel better. The design and materials used will hug, hold and breathe in all of the areas that you need them to while you get on with your life.

Longer Lifespan

Think about that piece in your closet that you reach for all of the time and feel great in. Chances are it was an investment piece. Now think about that $30 top you bought on a whim as a result of an emotional decision. When you consider cost per wear into the equation of how much you are spending the investment pieces will win hands down every single time.


There is a big difference between loving something and loving it for your lifestyle. Would we love to live in tulle skirts and heels a la Carrie Bradshaw? You better believe it, but be realistic about your lifestyle and what is going to get the most wear.

Feel Amazing

When you put on a piece that you feel great in (remember earlier when we mentioned words like “fine” or “ok”….remove these words from your buying criteria STAT and replace them with words like “amazing” or “great”) you feel great. Picture yourself in your favourite outfit or pair of jeans that hug in all of the right places. How do you feel? What is the energy that you put out? There is no space in this life for ok or fine. The clothes you wear and how you feel in them will be the energy that you carry and put out throughout the day.

Make sure you feel amazingly great in them – deal?



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