14 Tips to Survive the Toronto Santa Claus Parade



Those of us who grew up in Toronto have fond childhood memories of going to the Santa Claus Parade with our families. We stood on the side of the road for hours in anticipation of the final float—Santa himself. What a day. And what a day it must have been for our parents. Here are our Tips to Survive the Toronto Santa Claus Parade.
Don’t Forget to Post
No, not on Facebook; we’re referring to the good old-fashioned kind. Have the kids write letters to Santa (another good time waster), pop it in an envelope and be sure to address it to: Santa Claus, North Pole, H0H 0H0. Elves will walk along the parade route taking letters back to the big guy. Include a return address and Santa will write back. Good to Know: If you miss the elves, have the kids put their letter into any Canada Post mailbox on the way home.

There’s an App for That
Kids will believe anything. Including that you have a clue as to how far away the Santa float is. But this is one Santa-related story you can confess to actually knowing the truth about. Get the Santa Parade Dashboard App, which allows you to track Santa’s movement along the route and also turns your iPhone into a sleigh bell sound machine. Good To Know: Your iPhone can also be used to pass the time pre-parade – but we’re pretty sure you’ve already thought of that.

Keep Cozy and Bring Essentials
Everest climbers have sherpas, kids at the parade have parents. Schlep along these essential extras (think beyond the diaper bag, wallet and warm clothing) so everyone stays on an even keel—especially you. Thermos(es) of hot chocolate or soup, plentiful snacks for the inevitable hunger pains, water, blankets/sleeping bags to sit on or snuggle under, a camera and extra gloves.

Now say it—’I’ll survive, I will survive!’ And you will with the help of these Tips to Survive the Toronto Santa Claus Parade.

Tested by Alison R., Toronto



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