Fresh Out of Frozen



We’d like to claim that it’s just the holiday crunch making meal planning, grocery shopping and execution challenging. But the truth is, we find this all to be a bit much even during the most relaxed times of the year.

Which is why we love Dinnerit. On Sunday nights a brown bag brimming with fresh foods arrives at our door (you can schedule for a time when you’re sure to be home). The service is available in two sizes: 5 dinners worth of ingredients for 4 people ($140) or 3 dinners for 4 people ($99) and delivery is free. More bistro than boxed lunch, we’re talking everything from smoked salmon pasta to kebabs with salsa and garlic sauce. Preperation instructions are included and they even indicate the order in which to make the meals for optimum freshness of ingredients. Portions are hearty enough that we get to relive the bliss with lunches the next day.

We like the variety (meat, vegetarian, fish and chicken are all featured) as well as the tips on how to make the recipes more suitable for the wee ones. Mostly we love not having to stress about what to make, when to shop and how to find time for it all.

Say goodbye to freezer burn and just Dinnerit. And when you need a night off altogether from being the Head Chef, grab the fam and check out these 10 Fun Family Food Joints in Toronto


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