Cinderella – A Gags to Riches Family Musical

SavvyMom November 17, 2016

Everyone loves the fairy tale Cinderella story with glass slippers, pumpkin carriages, evil stepsisters and the Prince Charming happy ending. Then there’s the Ross Petty version of the story, which is even more colourful than the original. The wicked stepsisters are wickedly funny and the princess is more clever than ever. We think you’ll love it. In fact, we think the whole family will love it.

Cinderella: The Gags to Riches Family Musical is filled with laughs for everyone. There’s slapstick humour for the kids and sly political references for the adults, and the cast is always filled with top musical theatre talent.

Why not plan a trip downtown to the Elgin Theatre, do some shopping, see the lights and take in a show this holiday season. Tickets make a great gift for family members, too. Both matinee and evening performances are being presented until Sunday, January 4, 2015.

Because no holiday season is complete without a Ross Petty Production.



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