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This Earth Day, bring the family along on an SUV.
A ‘€˜scenic urban voyage,’€™ that is. Keep the car parked, oil up the gears and enjoy one of the 12 Best Bike Paths in Toronto.

If we had to choose one to start with, we’€™d head to Tommy Thompson Park, known as a ‘€˜unique urban wilderness’€™ just a short distance from downtown.

Open to the public on weekends only (so be sure to check the hours), Tommy Thompson (also known as the Leslie Street Spit) extends about 5km into Lake Ontario and is home to some of the largest wildlife and wildflower habitats in the city.

The bike path is smooth and flat, and besides parking near the front gate, no cars are allowed in the 5km bike path stretch itself, so it is perfect for trike-riding tykes. While the addition of speed bumps along the route has ruffled some race-paced bikers, they have made it safer for those who ride, run or walk on the slow side.

Good to Know: Bring a camera’€”Tommy Thompson is one of the best bird-watching spots in the entire city.

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Tested by Alison R., Toronto


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