Lookie, Cookie!


Gourmet doughnuts? So 2012.
For a delicious treat that satisfies, we’€™ve succumbed to the charms of small-batch, gourmet cookies from Cookie Friday Co. Perfect for a party, present or pick-me-up, these not-too-big, not-too-small delicacies please and intrigue everyone.

The smalls clamour for the s’€™more variety, which is fine by us since last time we took a culinary blowtorch to our baking it was a definite #pinterestfail. Adult faves are the Belgian dark chocolate and fleur de sel varieties. The oat and blueberry selection almost passes as a breakfast cookie, and when we are 100% sure of no allergies, we bust out the peanut butter and grape jelly in the safety of our own abode.

At just $20 for one dozen with up to two cookie varieties, and free delivery in Toronto, this is one sweet treat that can’t be beat.

We just avoided the common party mishap of frosting up the nose. So good on you, Cookie Friday.

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Tested by Janice Q., Toronto


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