Making Math Fun


With year-end tests and EQAO on the horizon (provided work-to-rule isn’t still in effect), some kids—and their parents, too—will start worrying about numbers and sines.

Never fear, The Math Guru is here, bringing a fun, fresh and funky face to what can often be a stressful subject.

Founded by Vanessa Vakaria, an educator with a Masters in Mathematics Education, this unique math coaching facility is staffed by 10 tutors, or ‘gurus’ as they’re called here. Vanessa’s belief is that ‘math people’ don’t exist, but good teachers do. Her slogan is ‘peace, love, pi’ and it reverberates through the laidback but focused atmosphere of the studio.

Understanding a child’s learning style is key, and each guru is a whiz at adapting to individual student’s needs, engaging on a level that makes math easy. In a traditional classroom setting, that’s often impossible to do.

Here, students quickly find their confidence building as they realize how easily they tackle a subject that once filled them with anxiety.

Along with one-on-one tutoring in both math and science, The Math Guru offers year round Exam Jams and Study Parties, as well as Back-to-School Summer Boot Camps.

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