Rambles and Revels


It’s easy to head to your local playground, but this summer why not push the boundaries with a historic hike, a spot of culture, or some majestic scenery for your family’s fill of Vitamin D?

We’ve found ten must-try parks and picnic spots for all your low-key outdoor adventures.

Locavore Luncheon 
Take the trail to the Brickworks. It’s muddy at times, but home to a hidden geocache as well as mini ponds—and end up at the Brickworks for a well-earned picnic. And by picnic, we mean go on a Saturday when the Farmer’s Market is on and splurge on all sorts of delicacies to eat while overlooking the pond (where there are real live frogs). The kids will love playing and learning in the children’s garden. It’s the perfect oasis in the city.

Best 905 Beach
Check out the water-jet plaza and pirate playground at Burlington Beach for a really great way to stimulate the imagination. Next, meander down the waterfront trail to the clean shores and mature trees and you’ll feel like Martha’s Vineyard has headed north for the summer.

Pack up the picnic bag, grab the hiking shoes and get moving to one of these great Parks and Picnic Spots in Toronto.



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