Sanitary Celebrations


Cleaning up messes our kids make is an inevitable part of life as a parent, so when we stumble across products that can actually help prevent them, we usually feel like celebrating. Big time.

Nicole Maunder, a Toronto-based mom of two young boys must have felt the same way, hence the tongue-in-cheek name she gave to her newly-launched line of made-in-Canada waterproof sheets, stroller and car seat covers, Yippee! Sheets.

So, when you encounter an accident, simply pull off, throw in the washer and reuse over and over. Designed to help with chronic bedwetters or during the toilet training stage, Yippee! Sheets are a way to encourage your child to sleep alone at nighttime without a diaper or pull-up.

The Twin, Double and Queen sized Yippee! Sheets are designed to go over the fitted sheet on a child’s bed. The top layer is made from comfortable, breathable cotton and is quilted to an absorbent middle layer to soak up the moisture.

We love that unlike most traditional waterproof products and disposable sheet protectors already on the market, Yippee! Sheets’ bottom layer is waterproof, but not made of vinyl or PVC, making for a healthier, quieter sleep (no crinkly sound as they roll around).

See, we knew you’d feel like celebrating too. We’ve got more ways to help them sleep soundly in our How to Get Your Kids to Sleep Through the Night list.



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