The Bean, the Baker and the Soda Pop Maker


Just in time for the lazy days of summer, Toronto welcomes Bean and Baker Malt Shop. Walking though the doorway of this cute Little Italy café feels like taking a step back in time. Think Pop Tate’s Chok’lit Shop from the Archie comics, complete with paper hats and red bow ties on the cheerful staff and Buddy Holly on the sound system.

All the treats and sweets at Bean and Baker are homemade—from the scrumptious savoury pies with flavours ranging from butter chicken (our mini taste tester’s pick!) to bacon and egg, down to their luscious pocket fruit pies (take our word for it, the apple is not to be missed). Everything is delish, but their handcrafted floats, malts and sodas are where this malt shop really shines. Our littles loved picking their own ice cream flavours for their milkshakes and floats—which look pretty as a picture with whipped cream and a cherry on top.

Parents will appreciate that the ‘bean’ in their name refers to the full service espresso bar tucked next to the soda fountain.

Hang out on the shop’s red vinyl bar stools and take in the retro luncheonette atmosphere, or take your treats outside to enjoy a beautiful summer day—the shop is conveniently located next to Bickford Park.

Everything old is new again, right? More like, everything old is cool again.

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