Unique Activities for Kids to Try


It’s almost fall, which means the time has come to figure out what the kids are going to do after school and on weekends. As much as we love the mainstream sports and pastimes, sometimes our kiddos have other ideas. Here are some of the more unique activities out there for them to pursue—and perhaps love.

So your little one has been through the gamut of sports and is underwhelmed? Why not give fencing a whirl? It is fast paced, exciting, and teaches a variety of skills. We like My Fencing Club for kids who are new to the sport. En garde!

Table Tennis
We already know Ping Pong is tons of fun, but at the competitive level (at which point it’s called table tennis) the fun seems to multiply. This Mississauga fab facility offers instruction for beginners and coaches are great with the kids. A variety of tournaments keep things interesting.

Rock Climbing
We love that Boulderz in the Junction offers weekly scheduled drop-off classes for when we really need to get a few things done. It’s also great that their programs begin at age four and that the kiddos can progress through different levels all the way to the competitive Youth Climbing Team.

We want to keep the kids busy and happily immersed in their chosen passion. But when the usual suspects leave them feeling ho-hum, try one of these neat activities for maximum engagement.

Keep clicking, we’ve got 10 more active classes and clubs that are a little bit left of mainstream.




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