Word to the Wisey


Wiseys Pies and Bakeshop

We didn’t know that there was a New Zealand pie-shaped void in our lives until we found Wiseys Pies and Bakeshop. Expert in all things pie—from sweet to savoury—this Leaside spot is big on flavour, skimpy on pretension and perfect for times the thought of cooking has us cowering.

We like starting with a savoury pie—there are sausage, chicken satay, and other fun flavours, plus the traditional meat pie. There are mini sizes perfect for wee hands and meal-sized helpings for our grown-up tummies. Next we move on to another New Zealand delicacy—the raspberry cream bun. Part cream and fruit-filled donut, part sweet roll, it’s 100% melt in your mouth. Traditional cherry pies, tempting muffins and cookies round out the bill of fare. And the egg and bacon family-sized pie practically screams ‘take me to the cottage for a leisurely breakfast on the dock’.

There are delish flat white coffees too—which is like a café au lait (only better), and oh so very kiwi.

Word to the Wisey? Get your pie in the sky.        

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