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Ever feel guilty that your kids know more about Dora than DaVinci or that they think Einstein is something you watch on TV, never mind about E=mc2? (Turn on your “time to worry” radar if they say they want to be Spongebob Squarepants when they grow up.)
Maybe it’s time to introduce them to some of the cultural institutions Toronto has to offer. Luckily for you, the good people at Bunch, who brought you the Family Dance Party series, have brought together all of the city’s big cultural hitters—The Art Gallery of Ontario, The Toronto Symphony Orchestra, The Royal Conservatory of Music and Levitt Goodman Architects as well as other noted Toronto writers, artists and musicians.

They are calling it the Bunch Family Salon, an afternoon of art and ideas for kids and parents. And we think it’s a fabulous concept. We also know these people can throw a good party. (We’ve been to their family dances, got down and boogied and had a ball.)

The salon tradition dates back to the 17th century France, where a host or hostess would bring together interesting and creative people to entertain and inspire one another.

Bunch (and their illustrious partners) will carry on this tradition at the historic building which houses the Arts and Letters Club (founded by the Group of Seven). Kids will be amazed at the old fashioned “mansion” upon entrance and then entertained by some of the city’s most talented. We know our kids will enjoy the AGO room where they can dress up and pose for a painting or paint themselves, and the TSO’s Percussion Petting Zoo—A.K.A. a room full o’ drums. For the creative writers, The Reverse Readings should be fun, hosted by David Eddie (he’ll read kid’s stories and then interview the author). There will also be Lectures by Kids hosted by Trampoline Hall’s Misha Glouberman and for the builder in your family, a Design a Building room hosted by Levitt Goodman Architects. (Better than Bob, that other builder!)

For the all-important snack-time, café area with elegant tea-time nibbles will be also available.

So ditch the superhero costume for the day next weekend and let your kids be inspired and entertained with culture and design. Just don’t tell them that’s the plan.

Bunch Family Salon
Saturday, February 24
1 – 4 pm
The Arts and Letters Club
14 Elm Street

Advance ticket price: $15 for adults /$10 for kids (order now)
Door Price: $19 for adults/$12 for kids


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